Food, Dairy & Pharma Projects

Cleanroom Furniture


These cabinets can range from different sizes and can be made to include a number of shelve units if required. Often used to house cleaning equipment, protective clothing and make great first aid boxes.

Shoe / Wellie Racks

The cleverly designed wall mounted, free standing or portable shoe and wellie racks come with a hygienic, easier to clean design. Height and width can be adjusted to suit amount of shoe/wellie pairs to be held.

Hair, Net & Glove Box Holders

These holders vary in design depending on specific requirements. Most commonly fitted with pre drilled lugs for wall mounting, and fitted with polycarbonate lids and front section to allow user to easily see inside when checking quantities.

Tables & Trollies

Taking the customers’ needs into consideration in the design process, sees us produce tables and trollies that can store glove boxes, sanitising wipes, blue centrefeed rolls, calibration blocks etc., or any item that may need storing in a cleanroom area.

Sink Units

Our single or double sink unit are manufactured with a highly polished finished ensuring they meet the highest of hygienic standards. The sinks design sees the base being lowered which reduces the likelihood of splashback and the trough creased to allow for self-draining. The ergonomic design makes use easy and comfortable for the user.

Step Over Benches

Our stainless steel step over benches are versatile and would be essential in any changing room. The bolting plate is firstly secured and bolted to the floor allowing bench frame to sit down on top, ensuring that bench cannot move or slide while in use.

Skids, Platforms & Access Stairs

Process Equipment & Pipework

Hoppers, Chutes & Transition Pieces

Handrails, Bumper Rails & Kerbing


Other Industries